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    Class colors and seven signs


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    Class colors and seven signs

    Post by AzureMoon on Thu Oct 28, 2010 5:57 pm

    Hello since this is something new players always ask about I decided to help explain. ^^ This is going to be a working in progress though as I try to find out the combinations for all the different lvls (every ten lvls the start colors change).

    First off monks, hunters, warriors, mages, and rogues all have 3 different colored attacks, clerics after lvl 45 can have 4 different colors. If you have a lvl 45+ cleric and a hunter you can finish a 7sign with 2 people, if not you need 3.

    As for which class has what colors:
    Hunter: Green, Orange, Purple
    Warrior: Orange, White, Indigo
    Monk: Yellow, Black, Green
    Rogue: Red, Black, Indigo
    Mage: Blue, Purple, Red
    Cleric: Blue, Yellow, Black, White

    While the starting color for 7sign changes every 10 lvls, the ending color will always do the same thing. There are 2 different kinds of 7sigh Atk and party buff.

    Ending colors:

    Attack endings:
    Green(giant tree)
    Orange (rock monster)
    Red/Black (fire monster)

    Buff endings:
    Purple (attack or Crit I cant rem)
    White (defense)
    Yellow (attack or crit whatever purple isn't xD)
    Indigo (hp)

    As I find out what the start colors are I will post them here as well. :3

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